(Training, Monitoring and Evaluation and Knowledge Development)

 The Institute offers training in PSS either through planned trainings or through requests for specific tailor made psychosocial and mental wellbeing trainings from interested companies and individuals.

Delivery of planned trainings.

PSS Basics training will provide insight to professionals into:

  • How healthy psychosocial development is supported;
  • The role of resilience and how it may be nurtured;
  • The potential psychosocial consequences of adversity and how these can be mitigated; 
  • The role of PSS in influencing program outcomes; and ways of integrating/ mainstreaming PSS within other programs.

Development and delivery of requested trainings.

APSSI welcomes requests for tailor made trainings and the process entails;                                                                             

  • Direct engagements with the company or individuals on specifics of the requested training including a pre-training survey to understand the clients’ current capacity, gaps and needed outcomes;
  • Development of a tailor made training to address the gaps identified with the client;
  • Delivery of the training within a stipulated timeline
  • Development of a final report and analysis of whether the training outcomes had been met;
  • Where applicable, supported development of PSSMW package/ mainstreaming of PSSMW within client’s current materials;
  • Continued post training virtual support to the client for a stipulated amount of time

Companies and individuals are invited to send enquiries to our sales and services team on

Accredited Education

APSSI offers skills development through delivering accredited training programmes. Currently the Institute has two programmes that are running which are;

  • The Teachers Diploma in Psychosocial, Support and protection.

This is a sixteen-month distance learning diploma delivered and accredited by recognised teacher training institutions in each country, on behalf of APSSI. Currently the Diploma is running in Zambia and Lesotho.

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  • Certificate in Community Based Work with Children and Youth Certificate. 

This is an eighteen-month course delivered to professionalise community-based care for children and youth. The course enables the most vulnerable grassroots communities to access the psychosocial support they need. Practical application of the course is facilitated by mentors, some of whom reside within the communities and therefore are readily accessible to the learners.

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APSI takes on research assignments contracted by other organisations and also commissioned to its own research to provide answers to hypotheses developed within APSSI and REPSSI.

Thought Leadership

(Conferences, Publications and Innovations)

  • Conferences
    APSSI is responsible for organising the bi-annual PSS forum hosted by REPPSI, in which thought leaders have discussions and presentations.  APSSI can also organise Events and Children’s conferences on behalf of other organisations.
  • Innovations
    APSSI will take on consultancy assignments on contract basis from other organisations. These arise on ad hoc basis, to address a particular need such as: assistance to write a proposal for accessing funding; and evaluation of programmes